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    Sustainable solutions for the food service industry at Food&Hotel Asia

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    Sustainable solutions for the food service industry made in Germany are on display at South East Asia's most popular food industry trade show Food&Hotel Asia (FHA). Meiko, expert for professional hygiene technology and food waste management, welcomes customers, partners and interested parties at stand 5B2-07 in hall 5 from 25 to 28/10/2022.

    Meiko presents sustainable solutions for small to large-scale kitchens. All of them have one thing in common: they are made with the human being in mind. They are the answer to ever-rising energy costs and requirements for hygiene as well as for lack of qualified staff.

    Reusable system

    The undercounter M-iClean U is a two in one solution. The professional dishwasher comes with reverse osmosis and heat recovery. The Meiko ComfortAir removes up to 80 percent of steam for convenient and super-fast warewashing. Glasses, plates, cutlery, trays everything gets reliably cleaned within minutes. Even bottles and jugs are an easy task for it. Within seconds, the undercounter can be turned into a bottle wash system. All it takes is an adapter and a bottle rack. The system uses separated, sealed channels to send first wash water and then final rinse solution to specially designed nozzles, which spray the solutions directly into the bottle interior. The result: no wash water residues and totally hygienically clean bottles, even if the type of washware varies on the fly.

    Award-winning Meiko M-iQ BlueFire

    The M-iQ BlueFire is a single-machine solution for dishes, cutlery and trays needing smaller spaces and fewer staff. Thus, it is a great support in communal catering, hotels and all large-scale kitchens. The flight type machine was granted a well-known German kitchen award in gold. The judges are all experienced kitchen managers in communal catering and gastronomy. The system certainly scored with its high degree of automation combined with energy saving features. Three separate lanes for trays, crockery and cutlery, a cutlery lifting magnet, an automatic tray stacking and cutlery collection as well as a self-cleaning system and a heat recovery system are only a few to name.

    Food waste management system

    The Meiko Green BioMaster homogenises food waste in no time and is HACCP-compliant. Interested parties can experience this sustainable solution together with the warewashing technology at stand 5B2-07 in hall 5 from 25 to 28/10/2022 at Food&Hotel Asia. Anyone interested in saving disposal costs can learn about a sustainable and efficient way of food waste management 26/10/2022, 14:30-15:15 in a masterclass organized by the FCSI. Dr Michael Meirer, Head of Consulting at Meiko Green Waste Solutions, and his colleague Hannes Braun, Head of International Sales, talk about the state of the art in food waste collection. They will illustrate why anaerobic digestion is the most sustainable method for treating food waste. Instead of paying for disposal or using a lot of electricity or water to get rid of it, they are in favour of collecting it in a tank and processing it in a biogas plant to turn it into energy and fertilizer.

    You can make an appointment to meet Meiko at stand 5B2-07 in hall 5 from 25 to 28/10/2022 at the Food&Hotel Asia and you can find more information about their products on display here.

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