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    UPster B – flight type dishwasher

    Flight type dishwasher UPster ® B: Sophisticated warewashing technology

    Cleaner. Faster. More economical.

    The best choice for people, the environment and your bottom line UPster® B is the name of a new generation of warewashing technology. Perfectly tailored for people and the environment, UPster B flight type dishwashers are economical, resource-efficient and user-friendly.

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    On the outside

    A modern, functional design. On the inside: impressive German technology. The MEIKO UPster® B flight type dishwasher offers state-of-the-art technology at an impressively low price. So it’s good for your bottom line!

    The UPster® B offers an outstanding array of advanced technologies. Take the MIKE 3 CleanControl system, for example. Designed to make hygiene management more efficient than ever, it guarantees maximum cleanliness all the way down the line. The built-in chemical saving system CSS optimises wash performance, reducing chemical use by up to 50 percent. The CSS-Top version goes even further, achieving reductions in chemical use of up to 80 percent (versus previous models). What’s more, the intelligent AWS system significantly reduces the amount of water used by the dishwasher, keeping the use of this valuable resource to a minimum while still maintaining sparkling clean results.

    MEIKO UPster® B flight type dishwasher. All the latest warewashing improvements in a single system.


    intuitive control technology MIKE
    MEIKO control technology for maximum functionality

    MEIKO control technology for maximum functionality

    The smart way to reduce chemical use

    Dishwasher without CSS

    High regeneration water quantity, high detergent consumption, high operating costs

    Dishwasher with CSSBasic

    Provided as a standard with an immediate return on the investment

    The MEIKO CSS effect:

    • Reduced carry-over of food debris
    • Less food waste in the subsequent wash and rinse zones
    • Impressive reductions in detergent use

    Dishwasher with CSSTop

    Pays for itself within the first year of installation.

    The CSS-Top system offers a wide range of impressive features:

    • Optimised washing dynamics
    • Minimal emulsification of fats and oils
    • A generously proportioned tandem filter screen
    • Efficient rinsing of the feeding trough
    • A heat exchanger which preheats fresh water for free

    The CSS-Top effect:

    • A perfectly clean dishwashing machine
    • Less food waste entering the sewage system
    • Outstanding reduction in detergent use
    • Less contamination of waste water
    • Less work for the grease trap
    • Tangible energy savings
    effective cleaning - washing dynamics
    Washing dynamics for improved rinsing performance in dishwashing

    Even extremely dirty dishes are washed efficiently.

    Fresh water savings with the AWS system

    The patented AWS (Active Water Saver) system makes MEIKO warewashing technology even more resource-efficient and eco-friendly, reducing the use of fresh water by up to 20 percent. The savings are achieved thanks to a rigorous process of actively cleaning the water that circulates in the pumped rinse zone. A built-in cyclone separator removes even the finest suspended particles, cleaning the water as it circulates and improving the rinsing performance in this zone. This outstanding ‘groundwork’ results in tangible savings in fresh water later down the line.

    LEM – Low Energy Management
    from MEIKO: saving
    valuable energy

    Today’s top-quality warewashers are expected to consume
    significantly less energy than before. MEIKO UPster® B flight type dishwashers set a whole new standard with their Low Energy Management system, a feature of the UPster B dishwasher range which points the way towards a better future.


    LEM Energy management
    Save money and energy with our dishwashing systems

    Save money and energy.

    Machine feeding section:

    Easy-to-remove functional elements (panels) make it simple to clean and maintain the UPster B. Trough base with incline and built-in self-cleaning system.

    Dirt removal:

    The entire feeding trough is covered by two coarse filter screens which collect food waste as it falls from the ware. An additional fine screen above the CSS tank keeps out even the smallest food particles. This hugely reduces the amount of dirt and debris entering the wash water.

    CSS-Top system:

    In addition to the filter screen system, built-in wash water cyclone separators in the top and bottom wash arms constantly filter out even the smallest suspended solids from the water as it circulates through the machine. By carefully combining this with other CSS-Top components, it is possible to reduce the amount of detergent used by up to 80 percent.

    MEIKO V tanks with rounded corners:

    Homogeneously welded tank housing which is rounded in all the right places. Provides excellent visibility and avoids dirt accumulating in the corners, ensuring reliable hygiene and cleanliness.

    Manifold wash system:

    Made from stainless steel with carefully designed pipe cross sections and concave nozzles designed to facilitate cleaning. No problematic holes in the rear wall – and that means years of leak-free operation. Easy to insert and remove.

    MEIKO pump system:

    Pump impeller and housing all in heavy gauge stainless steel, without edges or corners, circumferal suction area on tank floor. Easily accessible pump housing. Replacement of sliding seal without removal of the pump.

    Heat recovery:

    Exhaust air travels through a central suction duct directly into the cooling coil. The cooling coil can be pulled onto the top of the machine for cleaning. The front panel also serves as a trough.

    Top3 final rinse and CSSTop Pre-wash zone

    • in the feeding tunnel of the machine
    • covers the surface of all dishes
    • flushing of food waste residues right before the regular wash and rinse zones
    • flushing of food waste residues with an effective water quantity

    Practical and professional planning.

    How something works in practice is the true measure of success – and the MEIKO UPster B flight-type dishwasher never fails to impress! We tailor the planning process to your needs and specific application, making sure that everything is exactly right. Using cutting-edge planning tools and CAD drawings, we assess your needs and share every aspect of the planning considerations. We can offer a huge range of different solutions and alternatives with the MEIKO UPster B components. The following examples are just a selection of the clean solutions you can achieve with the MEIKO UPster B flight-type dishwashers.

    Keen to find out more? We would be glad to discuss your needs and help come up with the right concept for you.

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    MEIKO UPster B – a recipe for success

    • Reliable hygiene all round
    • Optimised ergonomics
    • High efficiency
    • Great for your bottom line
    Butterfly dishwashing paradise
    ErgonomicsComfort package

    There is no need to even tap the hood with our automatic rack detection. Just insert the rack from the side and let the dishwashing machine do the rest.