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    Meiko start-up: The hygiene expert expands its business in Central America

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    The Baden-Württemberg-based machine builder Meiko announced in June the founding of 'Meiko Clean Solutions Japan'. Now it has followed this with an additional sales and service location, 'Meiko Clean Solutions Mexico'. This further expands its presence in this strategically important region, in which Meiko has successfully participated in the market for years.

    'Meiko Clean Solutions Mexico' is the newest member of the Meiko Group, which is headquartered in Baden-Württemberg. Shortly after establishing 'Meiko Clean Solutions Japan', the German machine builder has expanded in Central America. Meiko has worked through speciality retailers in Mexico and surrounding countries for many years and can point to renowned international customers, projects, and long-term partnerships across many industries. The new company headquarters in Mexico City now combines the cleaning and hygiene expert's sales and service activities for Central America, including the Caribbean.

    With the founding of this headquarters, the actions under managing director Uwe Walter del Toro have been consolidated and selectively expanded. The German-Mexican looks back on 25 years of market experience in top positions and is seen as a well-networked industry expert as well as a bridge between the two cultures. ‘For me, Meiko stands for technology, quality, and long-term partnerships like no other company in the industry. Those are characteristics that are very appreciated and welcome in Mexico and throughout Central America. Moreover, our qualified team of employees provides important local knowledge. That's why I'm very confident that we'll quickly expand our position in the region,’ says Walter del Toro with a look to the future. 'Meiko Clean Solutions Mexico' focuses mainly on customers from the hotel and food service sector, communal catering, hospitals and educational facilities, such as schools and universities. From the very first day, the company has worked with a team of experts with many years of sales and service experience in the region.

    The SARS-CoV-2 crisis is currently widespread in Central America. A sharpened awareness exists in the region of the role of the food service and hotel sector as a critical point in fighting the pandemic. In response, the German hygiene expert has provided an expert opinion that confirms the effectiveness of its portfolio of warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology in fighting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. That also creates safety and security as well as trust locally, as Walter del Toro emphasises: ‘Here in particular, where much warewashing was previously done by hand, the new awareness and prioritisation of hygiene is providing important impulses for our customers' cleaning processes. With its decades of experience, Meiko is an ideal partner for promoting the development of machine washing.’

    The importance of the current time for establishing the headquarters is also emphasised by Sebastian Hainz, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of the Meiko Group: ‘We are very closely networked in the various customer segments and are in frequent direct communication with customers and partners. What we are hearing is consistent and comprehensive: Hygiene is critical. More clearly than ever before, we can make a direct contribution to minimising the current risk. And that's exactly the reason we are standing even closer side-by-side with all our partners in Central America. The key here is reliable technology, which enables safe and valid processes, whether in Corona stations, company cafeterias, or the restaurant around the corner. The bottom line is, health, protection, safety and security are more important than ever.’ With a look at the Central American market, Hainz also emphasises: ‘We've been successfully established in the region for many years and see its dynamism and the high expectations that we as a manufacturer have to meet. Trust is written large here, and exactly that is an advantage for us. We care very much about strengthening our many customer relationships and becoming even more present as a reliable partner for washing, cleaning, and disinfection.’