The clean solution

    Welcome to dishwashing paradise

    The German machine building company Meiko from Offenburg and ist daughter company MEIKO South East Asia from Malaysia will be showcasing its creative and innovative capabilities yet again this spring. The company will be presenting a new range of hoodtype dishwashing machines at its booth at FHA Singapore, allowing visitors to experience for themselves just how an ergonomic dishwashing can be. The big goal: the totally new hoodtype machine was honored from the FHA organization with the FHA award in gold, category light equipment from Singapore Exhibition.

    "Our goal is to create genuine added value for our customers with every single innovation. We strive to build different machines rather than just better copies of previous models. At the end of the day, all the companies in our market segment are capable of supplying fairly decent hardware made from stainless steel. But we have set ourselves the challenge of actually improving the technology and processes involved," says Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peukert. CTO Meiko Group.

    In their efforts to achieve genuinely new and exceptional results, Meiko's product management and engineering teams have covered familiar ground, maintaining close ties to customers, listening to them, and asking questions – but then they have applied a healthy dose of genuine innovation. "When you look at the entire dishwashing process from the moment a basket enters the machine to the moment the dry dishware comes out the other side, the two constants that provide the foundations are perfect cleanliness and ambitious sustainability goals," says product manager Adam Bindek. But Meiko has also added some key additional elements to the mix, including a focus on improving ergonomics and optimising processes in the dishwashing area: "We're now able to offer tangible benefits to customers in these areas and open up previously hidden potencial in their day-to-day work," Bindek adds. Support from customers in fulfilling obligations such as workplace risk assessments are crucial to achieving this, says Bindek.

    To find out what kind of machines they are, what they look like, and what exactly they can do, come and see the wonders of innovation for yourself at FHA in Singapore. The Meiko booth is based entirely around the motto of "Welcome to dishwashing paradise".

    See you: Singapore Exhibition: FHA Hall H4P2-01