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    Here’s Your Chance to Save The Environment

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    Sustainability is a growing concern in many industries. Especially in the realms where MEIKO operates - the foodservice industry and the healthcare industry, “how far” the industry goes often determines “how much” damage is done to the environment. In fact, according to a global report referenced by The Guardian, restaurants worldwide can recover a profit of RM36 for every RM5 they invest in cutting food waste. For cafes alike, there’s the burden of take-away coffee cups on waste management and the environment, filling up landfills and not making things any better.

    How far does MEIKO goes to prevent this?

    We start with the “daily doables” – we believe in the art of creating a practice rather than a buzzword. In conjunction with Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM), we are hosting a lucky draw to help create an opportunity for all of us to be sustainable… when we drink coffee. MEIKO is giving out some eye-catching Starbucks tumblers and thermal flasks, and we want you to get excited!

    With the merchandise, you will be able to secure a discount worth RM2 everytime you make a beverage purchase at Starbucks. Sounds like a good deal to be sustainable and save disposable coffee cups, don’t you think?

    Come to our booth at Food & Hotel Malaysia 2019 and have a chance to win an amazing prize!

    • Learn more:
    • Date: 24, 25, 26 September 2019 Drawing time: 2.30 pm daily (registration opens from 10.00 am)
    • Booth no: 2301, Hall 2, KL Convention Centre

    How to join?

    • Step 1: Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and show to our personnel at our booth
    • Step 2: Fill in the lucky draw form
    • Step 3: Pass to our personnel

    It Isn’t Just About The Lucky Draw, Of Course

    Here at MEIKO, we want to create “awareness” because that has always been the primary challenge. Now, with take-away coffee cups, a whole new system is formed where buyers are no longer responsible for cleaning and reusing, and they never actually have to stop moving – the dump, though, builds up where the drink ends.

    We want to change this. As the innovators of professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfecting technology, and food waste systems, we certainly know sustainability is the way of moving forward for all of us - but we also want to make sure it comes from genuine hearts. So, come visit us at FHM and help us create a mini sustainability movement – let’s propel the environment for the good of all!

    See you all at FHM!