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    How does the hospitality leader in Malaysia master the Covid-19 crisis?

    Watch the discussion with a 5-star hotel managing director


    COVID-19 has heavily impacted the global market and especially the hospitality industry. Businesses have looked into how they utilise their time during the lockdown and reassessed and adapted to the new situation. Hygiene and innovation are significant and play an increasingly important role for safety and assurance.

    Exploring ways to overcome the Covid-19 crisis

    MEIKO Global marketing coordinator Anja Gruner hosts an online discussion with Mr Soh Chung Ky, the managing director of Bangi Golf Resorts and the adjacent Bangi Resort Hotels in Malaysia.

    The discussion includes how the industry leader makes full use of time during a Movement Control Order and how to set a good example to the staff. Mr Soh explains the current situation and how he reorganised and implemented new levels of hygiene in his hotel and resort.

    Making good use of time

    Mr Soh talks about how he manages the hotel, golf resort and his employees. He uses the time during the lockdown to reorganise and restructure their business to be more productive. Staff training has been increased to equip the staff and improve work efficiency.

    They have not renovated the premises; this is a time to clean up and tidy up. Hygiene is the foremost concern. Staff carry out preventative maintenance, sanitise every square foot and have rolled out a new hygiene concept for room cleaning in order to protect customers and themselves.

    "We're adapting to a new concept of hygiene and we are taking care of the safety of our customers and our staff."

    Mr Soh Chung Ky, Managing Director of Bangi Golf Resort / Hotel

    Be a good leader

    Mr Soh points out that giving clear directions and putting staff into the full picture are key. The best support is to let them know what is in store for the company, to be able to estimate what’s likely for themselves.

    Soh says laying off people is hard but had to be done. But talking to staff and being transparent about which part of the enterprise needs to be more efficient, more productive and explaining the next steps that need to be taken in order for staff to return, helps them to understand and be positive about the future outcome. Compensation is given at Bangi Golf Resorts and Bangi Resort Hotels and the management is happy to take people back once the crisis is over. 

    The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that adaptation, reassessing and restructuring are key to our struggle to achieve the new normal.