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    Is your care hygienically safe?

    How proper bedpan management helps to avoid transmitting infections and thus eliminates the risks of nosocomial infections. Increase the health of your hospital personnel and your patients by implementing the right tools and processes! Here is how.

    Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Sanitation is more important than independence.” Global data appear to back his words - 6 billion people in the world lack adequate sanitation, particularly in the safe disposal of human excreta.

    In Asia, much of it has crawled into the healthcare service industry. Be it through droplet contact, airborne contact, direct patient shedding, hospital bedding and sheets, or poor hand hygiene practice by healthcare workers, secondary transmission of infections can occur. Inadequately managed human waste adds up to that as it brings risks of nosocomial infections, putting the health of hospital personnel and patients at high stake.

    Reassessing Bedpan Management

    For any hospital operator, management of healthcare waste is an integral part of hospital hygiene and infection control. Proper bedpan management is a part of it, a process that often involves:

    Not only cleaning and disinfecting bedpans is an unpopular task among nurses, it also brings high exposure risk to them. This happens when a bedpan washer-disinfector without proper disinfection requirements is used or when stored in a dirty utility room.

    In fact, according to KNIP consultancy, bedpans used during the entire hospitalisation are often emptied manually and cleaned with only a spray or rinse after use by most hospitals worldwide. Especially in the cleaning and drying process, the level of hygiene achieved is subjective to the shape and material of bedpans and urine bottles used. The areas neglected during the drying process can harbour potential pathogens in these medical tools.

    TopLine, A Powerful Hygiene Solution

    Therefore, it is of high importance that any bedpan washer-disinfector used in a hospital offers uncompromised security to patients and hospital personnel. MEIKO’s TopLine Bedpan Washer-disinfectors, packed with powerful patented disinfecting technology, provides the guaranteed hygiene standards that patients expect.

    These MEIKO washer-disinfectors aim to eliminate the risk of infections stemming from hospitals’ dirty utility rooms in various forms of installations suited for various healthcare facilities.

    Recontamination is also eliminated thanks to air drying and cooling using filtered air, and disinfection of all the water-carrying lines in the system. Facilitating the easy management of the disinfection process is the control software of the washer-disinfector that comes with temperature sensors and data analysis.

    Bedpan washer TopLine by MEIKO
    Eliminates the risk of infections: MEIKO bedpan washer TopLine.

    A proper management of healthcare waste is one of the building blocks to making healthcare facilities more hygienically safe and effective. After all, having the right confidence in your hospital or healthcare facility’s commitment to providing a safe and quality care to patients, staff, and the public is what truly matters.

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